By Bevan Weir, 4 October, 2023

I have a few weeks off on leave so time to do all those jobs I have been putting off. One task is to upgrade the old noisy fans in my PC tower case.

I decided to replace them with 1700 rpm Noctua NF-P12 Redux fans which are a decent performing budget choice.


By Bevan Weir, 29 December, 2022

I have updated this website to run on Drupal 9.

There are a lot of back end changes, but the most obvious is the new theme. The URL is now rather than just to keep it short and simple.

I have kept the new Drupal 9 default theme 'Olivero' with almost no customisations so I don't have to keep up with security issues running a custom theme.


By Bevan Weir, 28 August, 2021

The Akai Pro MPK mini is a MIDI keyboard controller. Below is the firmware for the third version of this variably annotated as III or MK3

The links below go directly to the Akai website. The dates I have extracted from the creation date of the exe file.


By Bevan Weir, 7 March, 2021

My favourite song of the New Zealand band 'Headless Chickens' is called "Day of the Locust" from their third album "Greedy" released 1997. I bought this album on release in my teens. I could not find any lyrics online, so I transcribed them here myself. My copy of the album was unfortunately destroyed. As an interesting note both the bass guitarist and the drummer of this band (during this album) are also named Bevan!. Lyrics and music copyright Headless Chickens 1997, transcription CC BY 4.0 Bevan Weir 2021:


By Bevan Weir, 15 September, 2020

Thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand I have spent most of my working days at home rather than going to the office. Since I have a 50 km commute per day, I noticed that I am using much less petrol in the car. This got me wondering if this was a universal trend. I pulled the quarterly stats from MBIE and did a quick plot. The results of the last quarter are dramatic:

By Bevan Weir, 3 September, 2020

I can never seem to get on top of my emails, I feel like there is just too many coming in to deal with, many need considered answers or actual work to be done. Currently I am sitting on 281 unread emails which never seems to reduce.

I wondered if there was a way to plot my unread email over time, to feel some sense of accomplishment in dealing with these. I didn't manage to find a way how to do this, but I did find a piece of software called OutlookStatView that extracts statistics from your email inbox.