Updated website to Drupal 9

By Bevan Weir, 29 December, 2022

I have updated this website to run on Drupal 9.

There are a lot of back end changes, but the most obvious is the new theme. The URL is now rhizobia.nz rather than www.rhizobia.co.nz just to keep it short and simple.

I have kept the new Drupal 9 default theme 'Olivero' with almost no customisations so I don't have to keep up with security issues running a custom theme.

drupal 9 logo

This website has gone though quite a few design changes since I started in 2002. This was the first design, all of the HTML was written by hand in notepad:

original 2002 design

Then in 2004 I had a dark overhall:

2004 design

Then the 2005 design tweak lightened things up a bit:

2005 design

The 2008 design got curvy:

2008 design

Then in 2012 I finally moved to using a CMS in Drupal with a customised Bartik theme, with a change to a responsive version of this theme in June 2013:

2012 design

And now in 2022, twenty years after the first design the current theme is a lot more generic, but works better on mobile devices, and supports all of the latest standards:

2022 design





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Bevan Weir

8 months 4 weeks ago

and now on Drupal 10, a much more simple upgrade. Just needed PHP 8.2 and needed to update composer version in composer.jason to 2 from 1.9 e.g.:
"composer/installers": "^2",

Drupal 10 also let me easily move back to an orange theme.