About this website

Updated 17 Oct 2023


The design of this website has gone through 7 iterations since its inception in 2002. I detailed these changes in a blog post on upgrading the Drupal software that runs the website.


All pages on this website were originally written by hand in valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and using CSS 2.1 for layout. The code was then checked using HTML Tidy. Now Drupal takes care of all that. All pages can be verified at the W3 validator.

The HTTPS protocol was enabled over the whole site on 26 September 2016.


This website in 2016 was hosted by Openhost in Auckland, New Zealand on a Linux box (Debian Lenny 5) running Apache. mod_deflate is enabled to gzip compress all text content. Openhost was bought out by CrazyDomains who seem fine. From October 2014 the CloudFlare CDN has been used to improve performance and reduce threats.


These initially came from Site Meter, but I am now using google analytics. Over 2013 I had 25,978 Unique Visitors, with 33,688 sessions. Over 2022 I had 12,253 Unique Visitors, with 13,649 sessions.


This website will look fine in most browsers, but older versions of IE don't support all the features. I recommend you use firefox.

Citations of this website in literature

This website has been cited 116 times times in the scientific literature, most notably:

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