Colletotrichum SIG meeting at IMC10

By Bevan Weir, 17 April, 2014

Dear Colletotrichum community, Some of us use molecular data to untangle the systematics of the economically important genus Colletotrichum and combine this with morphological features and host preferences, while others study infection strategies and look for explanations for pathogenicity by studying genomes and gene expression or screen control measures to reduce yield loss. What connects us is the fascination about the diversity of lifestyles and the variability of structures this important fungal genus generates, the curiosity to understand their genomic basis and the urge to solve problems caused by destructive pathogens on various hosts. The meeting will connect researchers from the different research areas to share the latest knowledge, review progress and set the basis for future collaborations.

Please come and join the the SIG meeting “Colletotrichum - when genotype meets phenotype” at the 10th International Mycological Congress in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, 5 August 2014, 5-7 pm and will be organised by Ulrike Damm  and Cai Lei. All participants must register to IMC10.

Please let us know, if you would like to attend the meeting. The program is nearly finished. If you would like to give a presentation, we could still consider one or two additional talks. Please send us a title and abstract of your presentation by Monday 28 April.

The political situation in Thailand seems to have calmed down. The IMC10 conference secretariat is confident that it will not affect the upcoming IMC10 in August.

We hope to see you in Bangkok!

Ulrike Damm and Cai Lei


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